Our Staff


Viv Morgan Chair of Trustees viv@northleigh.co.uk   

Elaine Simmons School Director elaine.simmons@northleigh.co.uk    

Louise Hayward  SEN/Examinations Officer & Curriculum and Learning Coordinator louise.hayward@northleigh.co.uk

 Nicola Perks PA to the Board of Trustees & School Director nikki.perks@northleigh.co.uk


Fran Furmston Head of Science frances.furmston@northleigh.co.uk   

      Jan Musgrove Teacher of Science jan.musgrove@northleigh.co.uk

 Angela Barton Teacher of Science angela.barton@northleigh.co.uk

      Ginny Lee Teacher of English, French & German ginny.lee@northleigh.co.uk 

    Yupa Zaw Teacher of English & Psychology  yupa.zaw@northleigh.co.uk     

Jo Mcdowell Teacher of English  jo.mcdowell@northleigh.co.uk 

Jane Clark Teacher of English jane.clark@northleigh.co.uk

    Sally Cornfield Teacher of Maths sally.cornfield@northleigh.co.uk

   Catherine Pearson Teacher of Maths catherine.pearson@northleigh.co.uk 

    Scarlett Shellis Teacher of Photography & Humanities scarlett.shellis@northleigh.co.uk

Aysha Cook Teacher of Photography aysha.cook@northleigh.co.uk

Lucy Stickley Teacher of Art lucy.stickley@northleigh.co.uk

    Cathryn Armer Teacher of Computing & iMedia cathryn.armer@northleigh.co.uk 

Amanda Johnson Teacher of Computing amanda.johnson@northleigh.co.uk

      Trudi Scales Teacher of Cookery & Social Communication trudi.scales@northleigh.co.uk   

      Heather Bradley Teacher of Textiles, KS3 Art & Food heather.bradley@northleigh.co.uk     

      Andy Ransberry Teacher of Humanities & PE  andy.ransberry@northleigh.co.uk

Jason Pond Teacher of Woodwork jason.pond@northleigh.co.uk

  Jenny Bremner Smith Specialist Teacher of Dyslexia  

Matthew Waddell IT & Music Technician

Leon Smith IT & Music Technician

Charlotte Smith Learning Support

Candice Matthew Teacher of Dance & Learning Support

Well-Being Team

Sam Setchell (Trainee Psychotherapist) Well-Being Coordinator and Mentor sam.setchell@northleigh.co.uk

Carla Elliott Well-Being Coordinator and Mentor carla.elliott@northleigh.co.uk     

 Elaine Hoggarth Well-Being Mentor elaine.hoggarth@northleigh.co.uk 

    Wendy Pettitt Well-Being Mentor wendy.pettitt@northleigh.co.uk  

Heather Bradley Well-Being Mentor heather.bradley@northleigh.co.uk

Andy Ransberry Well-Being Mentor andy.ransberry@northleigh.co.uk