Social & Emotional Wellbeing 

Northleigh House School's holistic approach

Northleigh House is a nurturing community where the emotional well-being of its members is the primary concern. The Headteacher, Teachers, Support Staff, Volunteers, the Pastoral Care Manager, the Key-workers and the Counsellor all work in connection and all share the same philosophy.

Learning can happen only by looking after the "whole" person, with a common effort, pastoral care and counselling are just another aspect of Northleigh's enabling environment.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an integral element of life at Northleigh and the responsibility of the whole community. Our Pastoral Care Team works closely with parents, students and staff linking emotional well-being and learning. Every student has a time allocated in the timetable to share and discuss with a Key-worker any concerns or feelings. However, students have access to Northleigh's Designated Safeguarding Professional and the Pastoral Care Manager at any time if needed. Pastoral Care means listening, supporting and mentoring young people in many different ways.  

Pastoral Care Manager: elaine.simmons@northleigh.co.uk

Designated Safeguarding Professional: jill.cornfield@northleigh.co.uk 


Counselling service in school

A school based service brings counselling to children and young people in a place that is familiar, safe and secure. If children and young people are able to receive emotional support from a qualified professional they will have greater opportunity to fulfill their potential. 

Who is the Counsellor?

Our school counsellor is Tobia Bianco. He has a Master's Degree in Counselling, he adheres to the code of ethics as laid down by BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) of which he is a Registered member and receives regular supervision of his practice.